Achieve Your Goals

Complete your degree at Golden Gate University. You'll get the academic expertise and the student support you need to take the next step in your academic career. We'll work with you to ensure that previous coursework will count toward your degree. You may even be able to earn units for military or work experience. See how GGU can reach the finish line.

Undergraduate Transfer

Transferring to GGU is easy and convenient. Most transfer students receive the maximum number of transfer units possible (up to 93). We can help accelerate your learning by:

  • Evaluating previous credits and coursework
  • Offering testing for credit
  • Applying ADT from California community colleges
  • Applying military training and service toward eligible transfer academic credits
Undergraduate Transfer
See how Courses Transfer with our Transfer Tool
Graduate Transfer

GGU admits graduate transfer students with up to six units of advanced program credit from other institutions. We offer personalized reviews of all graduate transfer students, including international graduate students and military graduate students. If you have a previous master's degrees, you can apply up to 12 units of coursework toward a GGU master's degree.

Graduate Transfer

How To Apply

  1. Create an admissions account to start your application. You can complete and submit your application in one session or save your work and finish it later.

  2. Choose Your Admission Program: There is a separate application for each of our programs: Undergraduate, graduate, certificates and open enrollment. Be sure to select the correct option.

  3. Create an Account: The first time you visit, you’ll need to create an admissions account.

  4. Start Your Application: Check your application for the materials you will need. Make sure you have everything you need to complete your application.

  5. Apply and Submit: Fill out the required fields, review your application carefully, pay the application fee and submit.